Our Spanish language courses are taught by native professionals with university qualifications and wide experience.


You can achieve the desired level in record time, approximately one level in three months. With a Nivel Principiante (A1), you will get the Nivel B2 (Avanzado) in one year.


Small groups.


We have a unique methodology and materials, you have not seen anything like it.


We offer flexible timetable (mornings, evenings, weekends).


Demtun will prepare you for any official examination in Spanish.


We offer intensive summer courses.


School support and reinforcement classes.


Spanish Conversation and Social Club.

At the end of your training, you will obtain the Demtun, certifying your level of Spanish.


We offer free advice about your level of Spanish before you join our courses.


Our courses are very complete, you will not find anything similar with that price and methodology. Our teachers are specialised in higher education and comply with the standards set by institutions such as the Instituto Cervantes.


You can obtain various qualifications, such as:


 · DCL


 · Instituto Cervantes:  DELE (A1)

                                        DELE (A2)

                                        DELE (B1)

                                        DELE (B2)

                                        DELE (C1)

                                        DELE (C2)





Our students will have priority access to our University Degrees and Masters.


High quality one to one tuition at very competitive prices.


We offer Spanish courses in several fields:


- Legal Spanish


- Business Spanish


- Finance


- Academic Spanish


- Medical, Science, InformationTechnology


- Banking



- Business Administration


- Marketing and Management


- Customer care


- CV Preparation


- Job Interviews


- Specific Subjects (all subjects taught in Spanish in educational institutions, from primary and secondary school to university level).


· One level in just three months, with our intensive courses


· Small groups


· Spanish Conversation Club


· Priority access to our secondary education and university courses


· Career advice and job offers exclusively for our students


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