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The idea of establishing a Centre of Excellence, such as Demtun, arises from the concern of a group of professionals dedicated to Higher Education in the United Kingdom, the USA, France, and Germany, with a common purpose and a single project. 


Demtun offers alternatives to conventional teaching methods and makes available to students innovative techniques and methods that respect and enhance the unique way each person has to achieve success in his or her own learning.  We offer a UNIQUE learning model, with a wide range of possibilities.


The Law certificate is taught at Demtun by a range of professors from the highest standing institutions of the UK, the USA, France and other European countries.  This guarantees excellence and applied legal knowledge. 


Our contacts with educational institutions and prestigious law firms in the UK, the USA, France, and Germany make this certificate a guaranteed career exit.


We offer double Legal and language qualifications, such as the International TOLES Legal English certificates, the Diploma in Law (with various specialisations) and the Diploma in Law and Business of our Business School.



We have extensive experience in Business education and offer a variety of Masters in Business, together with the Demtun Diplomas in English and the Cambridge Certificates, allowing you to get double qualifications.


Our Secondary education in English (GCE A levels, iGCSEs) is a unique bridge to get access to the British, French and European university system. With a reduced teaching load, only 3 or 4 subjects and a maximum of 15 hours per week.  And above all at a very competitive price.


Don´t worry about the level of English required.  We offer a variety of English language courses, so you can achieve the desired level for any of our qualifications, or any particular level you want to reach.


We also offer English courses for specific purposes, for different sectors.


Join us and reach all your professional goals. We will be your best guarantee.

We look forward to seeing you!


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International School Paris


Centre de Préparation Officiel aux examens de Cambridge


Registered Cambridge 

  Preparation Centre


Centre officiel d'examens

   d'anglais juridique TOLES Legal : 


Training and Examination Centre:


Centre Officiel d'examens SIELE

(Service International d'évaluation de la Langue Espagnole)


Training and Examination Centre




Centre agréé du Service des Admissions Universitaires du Royaume-Uni 




Registered Centre