The prestigious Bachelor of Laws of Demtun College offers the highest academic standards that are seriously taken into account by firms and businesses worldwide. 


REQUIREMENTS (one of the following):


· English GCE A levels, iGCSE or equivalent UK qualifications, (can be done at Demtun British College). 




·  All European, national and international qualifications are also accepted, such as Baccalauréat Français, European Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate, International GCE A levels etc.

 · If you already have a Law Degree or a Bachelors in any other discipline, you can do the LLB at Demtun College in just two years.



LEVEL OF ENGLISH: a flexible approach and a variety of qualifications are acceptable (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate etc).  If you obtained the International Baccalaureate or the English GCE A levels, no further language qualifications are required to undertake the LLB. 


Flexible schedule for the LLB.  It can be completed in a period of three years of full-time study, or may extend to 4, 5 or 6 years part-time.


Students who hold a Bachelor´s Degree in any discipline (science, business, humanities, technology, law etc) can do the Demtun College LLB in just two years.


Since the first semester of your studies at Demtun, you can give advice to real clients in all sectors such as legal, business, science and education.  Demtun College certifies such placements and work experience for the whole duration of your studies.


We offer our students many job opportunities, CV preparation and interviewing practice during their studies and training. 


We guarantee a high level of professional success and employment in the UK, USA, France, Germany and worldwide.


Contract Law 


Commercial Law


Constitutional and Administrative Law 


Criminal Law 


Property Law 


Public and Private International Law


Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

Employment Law


European Law






Company Law


Tort Law


· Studies conducted entirely in English.  


· Our primary goal is student satisfaction and achieve the highest possible rate of success. The personal tutors ensure that students have ongoing support.


· Small class sizes.


· Attendance to classes: 10 hours per week, with flexible morning, afternoon, evening or weekend timetables.


· Attendance to Conferences and Congresses in English, with the support and priority for our students to publish their articles in legal journals of international reputation.


 · Unique career service.  Links with companies and law firms in the UK, United States, France and Germany, in order to explore your career options, such as conducting internships, become a lawyer, notary, judge, or university professor.  Our Law Degree can help you secure employment in other professional fields too, such as banking, finance, business and social sciences.


 · Demtun regularly receives placements and job offers from major law firms, companies and academic institutions and students will be considered immediately for all available vacancies.

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